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Since the very first human being roamed this earth, there has been conflict of some kind. There have been warriors in some form or another, who have been asked to take on the responsibility protecting their loved ones and the greater good. In answering this call, Warriors know that they will need to do things that are unnatural for any human being with a conscience and will most certainly face death. People have done this willingly, but never without consequence. Some are killed, some are wounded or maimed and all who survive will come back with some wounds to the soul. These wounds have been called many names throughout history, but today it is referred to as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).


When not fully understood, titles like PTSD hurt the warrior almost as much as the things that they’ve seen and done. It’s a label that makes a once strong and proud person into someone with an illness, or even worse, someone who needs help. While so many Warriors throughout time get frustrated with these titles, there is a certain blame that is our own, due to the fact that we avoid talking about the realities of war and the realities of the damage that is done to the mind, body and soul during these conflicts. All Warriors throughout time will tell you that the only way to REALLY understand war is to live it. If that is true, then it is up to the Warrior himself to figure out how to better treat these ailments and remove the stigma that comes from titles like PTSD.


Our mission is to help those warriors who may be dealing with issues right now, help families to better understand what their warrior is going through and help remove the stigma that comes with the diagnosis and associated titles. By doing open, honest, no holds barred interviews with the warrior's themselves, we will help everyone better understand what goes on and what to expect. It will show others who may be suffering that they are not alone and help families who may be dealing with issues to better understand why their loved one is different now that he/she wears the stain of war..  


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