Custom Follett Snowboard Raffle is Live!

We want to thank Elderheart of Pittsburgh for approaching us about this Special Fundraiser.  Elderheart of Pittsburgh wanted to help us get our Film produced. They collaborated with a great group of Businesses owned by Great Americans to produce this one of a kind Custom Board to raise the funds to help us complete this project. 


Thank you from all of us here at Stain of War. You guys are true professional and dedicated to your brothers and sisters in arms! 




Raffle Ticket
25.00 USD

You're purchasing 1 Raffle Ticket to be entered into the final drawing for this Custom Follett Stain of War/Mission 22 Snowboard.

You will receive an email confirmation followed by a Raffle Ticket Number.

Drawing will be March 20th at 9pm.


The Board

The Board: Expertly Crafted by Andy Follett of Follett Boarding Company out of Salt Lake City, UT.  

The Artwork: Hand Painted by Jacob Barrows


Andy originally hails from the small town of Massena, NY. He joined the US Army as an 82nd Airborne Division Infantrymen in 1994 and participated in deployments to Egypt and Kazakhstan.  In 1998 he reenlisted as a PATRIOT crew member and trained in El Paso, TX. Andy spent a year at Kunsan AB, South Korea. Then Andy volunteered to serve four years in Germany as a PATRIOT Radar Technician. He was deployed to Saudi Arabia in support of the early conflict in Afghanistan after 9/11, then he deployed again for the invasion of Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.


Jacob  made his return to West Valley City Utah back in 2007 while continuing to support our military with employment with several Government contractors. His 6 year journey in the United States Air Force as a 2W1 AFSC lead him to Hill AFB Utah, Kunsan AB ROK, and Langley AFB Virginia while loading munitions, maintaining weapons systems, and training personnel on F16, F15, and F22 aircraft. 


Please visit Andy and Jacob's shop at



Board Specs

The Bindings

The Bindings: Union Flite Pro Bindings were Donated by Fox Chapel Ski and Board out of Pittsburg PA. 



Please visit their shop online

A Huge special Thank You to Elderheart and their Mission 22! These guys are doing amazing work in Veterans Community.  


Please visit them at   and

Photo Credits: J.W. Ramp. Great work JW! Simply Amazing! Thank you very much!


Please see J.W.'s work at

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